An Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure for men and women, to remove excess skin and fat, improve the abdominal contour and to tighten any loosening of the muscles in the abdominal wall. Generally the need for an Abdominoplasty arises after considerable weight loss, and with women this can also occur after pregnancy when the muscles of the abdominal wall are weakened and actually pulled apart. The abdomen is one of the most prone areas of the body to accumulate fat and an excess of skin, and on some occasions does not improve even following a healthy diet and physical exercise.

Anaesthesia Required: General Anaesthetic
Duration of Operation: Between 2-4 hours
Hospitalisation: 1-2 nights
Recovery Time: 15-20 days
Post- Operation: The recuperation period will pass quicker when the patient is in good physical condition. It is recommended to walk as soon as possible and to resume physical activity after a month.